Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pilgrims and Mayflower - 7th Grade

Take on  the role of either a Pilgrim or a Stranger on the Mayflower and at Plymouth. How would you feel about sharing the boat with the other party for 66 days and then living peacefully with them at the Plymouth colony? What changes, if any, would you insist on including in the Mayflower Compact? (Remember QUASI and your first name/period!)


  1. If I was a pilgram who sailed on the mayflower for 66 days and then lived peacefully at the Plymouth colony I would feel very tired and stressed out. I would be surprised if I even lived that trip. With little supplies and people dieing I wouldn't be sure this colony would have been made. I don't think that there is needed changes to the mayflower compact.

    Chris 2-3-B

  2. If I were a pilgrim who sailed 66 days on the Mayflower and and after lived peacefully at the Plymouth Colony I would feel very annoyed and stressed out that there was people dieing and a short amount of food. It would probley be a BIG change for me if I just got off a boat and just lived happily ever after? I mean its kind of a Big change in plan.

    Nicolette 2-3-A

  3. Considering how little room people had to live while on The Mayflower, I would feel very claustrophobic. This is because there were about 70 people in a very conserved space. I mean, the room was about the size of our classroom! Maybe even smaller! Even worse, the expedition was approximately 66 days. I would also have felt very indignant because as passengers, we were limited to the small room, and that was it. We were not even able to go up on deck and breathe in fresh air.
    We would not change anything to the Mayflower compact, because it is fair the way it is. It gives everyone fair rights, and leaves everyone elated.
    Jenna, Veronica, and mackenzie 2/3B

  4. If I was a pilgram who sailed on the mayflower for 66 days and then lived peacefully at the Plymouth colony I would be very tired and impatient. There would not be anyroom to even breathe or get fresh air!

    I would not make any changes to the Mayflower Compact becuase if you changed the room size there would not be any room for extra rooms needed!
    Natasha M. Period 8-9 B

  5. Elizabeth L period 8-9-10 B

    If I was a Pilgrim and I had to share a boat with another 101 people I would spend most of my time up on deck to escape the disgusting aroma of puke and animals. However, if I stayed below deck I would moat likely get an illness from the others passengers. At the Plymouth colony most likely the strangers would try to change our church and I wouldn't tolerate that because I traveled all the way from Holland to purify my church. To make improvements on the Mayflower Compact I would add that the strangers can't change the church and if they want to they have to find another colony.

  6. If i were a Pilgrim on the Mayflower, for 66 days with a boatload of people, i would probably go crazy! With everything going on, and all the complete boredom plus the unsanitation and the smell, i would probably jump over the side! if i kept my cool, though, i would insist on having the mayflower compact require regular bathings and a routine for each person. i might even help out with the crew! at least, it would give me something to do. also, i would enjoy something else to do, something creative that would help out with the crew or even for us! in addition, we should all settle on one good religion to keep us from fighting and live in peace and harmony.

    -Nick V-B P 2-3 A