Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last Post for 2nd MP-How DID we win?

In the first years of the American Revolution, it seemed unlikely that the shabby group of men calling themselves the Continental Army could ever beat the world's greatest army (England.)  After learning about the war, explain how the colonists did, in fact, succeed in their goal of defeating England and becoming an independent nation.


  1. It seems almost impossible for a small group of untrained soldiers to win a war against the greatest army in the world. Local farmers or just men volunteered themselves to the continental army to help win. How did they win this war you may ask? They received some help from the French(men and munitions) and a couple of former soldiers or generals including Horatio Gates, Baron Friedrich von Steuben,and Marquis de Lafayette. These men really made a difference in the Continental army and help improve their strategies and tactics. The men also received some help from the women and children who ran water and helped mend,cook,wash, and fulfill other needs to the soldiers. Most of all,the soldiers in the Continental army worked together to win the war against the greatest army in the world.
    Lindsay O. 5-9A

  2. I think the reason we won the war against the greatest army in the world (the British), was because the colonists had an actual reason to fight. They fought harder and with more passion because they really wanted something. All the British was fighting for was so that the colonists wouldn't win. The British soldiers were only following orders from King George III. I think the British would have had a much better chance of defeating the colonists if they had a reasonable cause for going to war with us. The colonists may have not had the most expensive uniforms, weapons, food and shelter, etc., but they did have confidence in themselves and they would not give up until America was an independent country.

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  4. The American colonists were untrained,had no money, and were unprepared for a war on such a high scale. However the Americans did have some factors for them such as that they were fighting for a cause, were more familiar with the land, had allies such as France and Spain, and the British soldiers were not that enthused about the war. America had farmers and the average man in their army and Britain had well trained and well equipped men with years of formal training in their army and navy. The American put so much effort into the war that they eventually won the war in 1783 due to the Treaty of Paris which recognized America as a independent country.
    By:Anthony Palmeri
    Period 5-9A