Friday, October 10, 2014

7th and 8th: Current Event (Extra Credit)

After watching a current episode of the student news at, watching the news on TV, or reading a recent article in print, summarize an important national or international news story. (Minimum 1-2 paragraphs.)  Make sure to include the 5 W's of journalism (Who, What, When, Where, & Why.)

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  1. The second person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. had never been to Africa. She worked with the Liberian man who was the first to die from Ebola. She wore protective gear and clothing to protect herself from the virus but there was a “breach” in protocol which is how she contracted the virus. She is a healthcare nurse at the Dallas hospital where the first case of Eola was treated. Ebola is a deadly virus that can be contracted from any bodily fluid. It can live for days outside the body if the fluid is kept moist, but otherwise it can only survive a few hours. You can contract it from eating meat that came in contact with any infected animal. People are only contagious when they begin showing symptoms, like fever, weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. It takes 21 days for symptoms to start. Then however things can to turn for the worse. Vomiting, bloody diarrhea, often internal and external bleeding are all later symptoms of the virus. Depending on medical care, the chance of survival is 10%-50%. Medical researchers are working on finding a cure or treatment for the virus, but so far there isn’t a cure. If you survive the disease, you have at least 10 years of immunity to the virus. Hopefully, the healthcare worker will be able to make a recovery, since it was caught early and she will have proper care in the Dallas hospital.

    Susie Ferrier