Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MP 2: Current Events (Student News)

Visit and watch the current events recap of the day. Summarize at least one topic in the program and respond to it. Include the Who, What, When, Where, and Why in your summary. In your response you should also include an opinion, a connection and/or a question on the topic. Post as anonymous using first name, last initial and class period only.


  1. That the water is not safe in Michigan and ca cause led posin and other things. Now it is effect pregnant women.

  2. The winter storm that happened over this weekend has had an great impact to Northeastern United States. Hitting states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and New York had over 30 inches of snow. Some flooding off the coast of the Jersey shore contained more water than super storm Sandy in 2012. A lot of people lost power and stuck inside for most of the weekend. This winter storm had terrible impacts on several drivers that were brought to the ER. Some drivers were stuck on turnpikes for at least 24 hours. Most cities will probably not be back to normal in a few days.

  3. a virus was said that it will spread through out america. the mosquitoes carry the virus and it will infect everyone

  4. The is a professional drone racing league where drones race around lit up stadiums and the winner of the race gets money. If you are one of those kids who loves technology well then this is for you.
    Joey Puglisi 2/3B

  5. The two super Bowl teams are set the Panther will be facing the Broncos on 2/6 in Santa Clara California