Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ancient Greece-6th Grade

Discuss some things you already know about Ancient Greece.  Think about books you have read, movies you have watched, or things you have learned in school in past years.  There are no wrong answers!!  In addition, after looking through the packet, what are you most interested in learning about the Ancient Greeks?


  1. I have learned about the ancient gods before and I know all about them; like Zeus, Hera, Artemis and other. They used to live on Mount Olympus and Zeus was the head god. There are many different myths about the gods.

  2. From what we started to learn about, I already seem very interested in Ancient Greek mythologies & myths. I can’t really explain that much because we just started today, so that is my opinion so far.

  3. I sort of know about the Ancient Greek Gods from the Percy Jackson series I am reading. I like learning about the Ancient Greeks and can’t wait to learn more!

  4. i have learned about greek gods like hera,zeus,and artemis. I have also learned that in some cases the son of posiden and in others the son of zeus defeated Medusa by cutting off her head.
    by jack milne period 4-7

  5. I read all of the Percy Jackson books so I Know a lot of the gods, such as Zeus. I am very interested in learning about the Greeks.
    Frankie Marrone Jack Anderson P4-7b.

  6. Tessa&Caitlin 4-7B

    The greek movie I've watched was Hurcales. I've watched it so many times its still funny. I also like that they use the myth of the flying horse and the god Hurcales as the main character and the flying horse is Hurcales' best friend, and they go out to save there town from the devil.

    The book I read was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. This book taught me about the greek gods such as Zeus and Hades and that Percy has to fight Ares and Luke to get the lightning bolt back to Zeus.

  7. I know that Ancient Greece believed in many gods and goddesses, one for example was Athene. I am most interesting in learning more about their beliefs and religion.
    Shannon O'Malley period 4-7 B

  8. Scott Benigno period 10-11A

    I have read the Percy Jackson series and have started reading the Lost Hero series and those books have taught me a lot on the Ancient Greeks. One movie I have watched an old movie about the battle of Thermopylae. I, after going through the packet, want to learn more on the Persian and Ancient Greek wars.