Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pocahontas: History vs. Hollywood

After learning about the historical Pocahontas, do you think the Powhatan tribe had a right to be angry with Disney over their portrayal of her in the animated movie?  Why/Why not?


  1. i dont think that the powhaten should get angry at the diney movie. because its a little kids movie. another reson is that everbody knows that the movie is fake so why get mad.
    Sam Z. 3/4 B

  2. I think the Hollyeood one should of been more true to what realy happend and make up less then halfe of it because kids will think thats what happend even know it didnt


  3. Yes,I do think that the Powhatan Tribe had a right to be mad because the Disney story is almost completely a total lie of what really happened. Pocahontas was not 28 when she met John Smith. She was about 11 or 12. She says that she didn't save his life from the Powhatans. So, they have a right to be mad at Disney.

    Cassie Cioffi
    period 3/4

  4. Yes, They had the right because Disney lied about the history of one of most well known members of their tribe.
    Ryan W. & Patrick B.
    Period 3-4B


  5. No I don't think the Powhatan tribe had a right to be mad. I think this because Disney made the movie for little kids and were not trying to be historically acurate. They should have made it more corrct but it wasn't that big of a deal.
    Kevin F period 3/4 b

  6. No, i don't think they should be mad. This is because disney makes kids movies and it wouldn't be right for kids if it was the real story. The real story has John Rolfe as Pokahontases husband and he wasn't a well known man like John Smith and she didn't save his life.
    By Ty B

  7. No, we dont think that the Powatan tribe had a right to be mad at the disney movie. We think this because its just a childrens movie. Also, they werent trying to make it a historical movie.
    Rachel J
    Emily P 3/4 B

  8. No I don't think that the Powatan tribe should get mad over the Pocahontas Disney movie because its just a kids movie. Kids shouldn't know the real version of Pocahontas.

  9. I don't think that the Powhatan tribe should not be angry with Disney. I feel this because Pocahontas the movie is mostly for little kids and they don't want to see Pocahontas as a bald girl with rotting teeth. It wouldnt be a very pleasant movie if she looked like she was 110 years old. That is why I think that the Powhatan tribe has no reason to be mad at Disney.
    Grace M. Period 10/11 B-Day

  10. No, I do not think that the Powhatan tribe should be mad at Disney. One reason is that it is a kids movie. I don't think many kids would enjoy seeing a movie with a girl with no hair and rotting teeth. Also, they did not make fun of the Powhatan Indians. All they did was make a movie that involved them. Disney did not hurt them in anyway.

    Jacquelyn H. Period 10-11B

  11. I think they should have the right to be made because the movie only had little to no facts. One exmaple is that Smith and Pocahontas was the same age in movie but Pocahontas was 12 and Smith is 28. They also did show Pocahontas really love.
    Kenneth T. Johnson Per 8-10

  12. I think the Powhatan Indians would have the right to be mad, but would not be mad the slightest bit. I think that the Powhatan Indians would be honored to have a Hollywood hit movie about them, i know i would be! The Powhatan Indians shouldn't be mad but have every right to be mad.

    Jack Craffey

  13. No, i do not think that the Powhatan tribe should be angry. I say this because Disney just wanted to teach children about real life princesses not just the make believe ones. Also they might have wanted to teach children about history in a fun way. They may be mad but they should under stand why disney did what they did.
    Period 10-11A

  14. Yes,i think that the Powhatan Tribe has a right to be mad because the movie is a complete lie about what really happened between Pocahontas and John Smith.The real story is that Pocahontas and John Smith met when she was 11 or 12 years old and she didnt marry John Smith she married John Rolfe when she was about 20.She met John Rolfe when she was held captive by his people when she was about 18-19 years of age
    Kayla F.
    Period 10/11

  15. No i dont not think that they Powhatan indians have any right to be mad. One reason why they should not be mad is because they have a movie made about their culture!!! It would be cool if they made a movie about (for example) bayshore middle school! They had to change some of the history in the movie because it wasnt sutiable for children (for example Pocahantas dancing naked). They also had to change her facial features because she was ugly in real life and no one wants to see a balding ugly person! Although Pocahontas didnt really have a happy ending, they made it that way because well, its Disney.
    Sam period 10-11 A

  16. I believe the Powhatans did have a right to get furious from Walt Disney's version of Pocahontas. I say this because as we all know the movie was very inaccurate. To some Powhatans this could have been important period of their lives... and they wish for it to be shown (if ever shown) as it truly transpired. People may have actually believed Walt Disney's version was the real deal. If Powhatans found out people thought so, of course they had a right to re-teach others and explain early events in time.
    Kate B Period: 10-11 A

  17. The Powhatan tribe should be mad at the way the disney movie potrayed Pocahontas. They totally changed who she was,almost everything they said was untrue.Even though disney made her pretty and less of a historical figure for kids, they still have a right to be angry.
    Hannah Newland
    period 10-11 B

  18. I think the Powhatan Tribe should not get mad because the Disney movie was not trying to be historicly accurate, the movie was made for children and entertainment. The Powhatan Tribe should not get angry about the Disney movie!
    Anna C
    Period 3-4 A

  19. i dont think the powhatan tribe had the right to be angry beacause these days everyone is trying to frame companies for everything and its not being offensive against native americans. if the movie wasnt disney then it probobly wouldve been accurate,but disney was trying to make the movie watchable first and then worry about makeing sure nobody is offended.

    travis c

    period 1/2 B

  20. I dont think the powhatan tribe has the right to be angry at disney movie Pochantos. I belive this because they did not make her look worse they just made her look better and like a princess.For example in real life she might of had no hair and not perfect teeth. In the movie she has nice hair and perfect teeth
    Brendan D
    Period 3/4 b

  21. I think that Powhatan tribe has a right to be angry at Disney. They made a fake story that is not close to the real thing. If Disney wants to make a movie make it real

    Nikita.G period 5-9

  22. I do think the Powhatan tribe had a right to be mad at the Disney creators of the movie. This is because the completely got their facts wrong and made some of the settlers in the story sound better than they really are. Even thought they made Pocahontas look attractive doesn't mean that they have a right to recreate history.
    period10-11 B

  23. I think that the Powhatan tribe should be angry with Disney for many reasons. One, they portrayed her as a pretty woman that fell in love with John Smith when she really fell in love with John Rolfe. Also, Disney doesn't show her appropriate age. They make her look in her 20s when she really died when she was 21. Lastly, Disney didn't show all the things that Pocahontas did and what some of the English did either. If I were Pocahontas and saw this movie, I know i would be mad.

    Caitlin M P10-11B

  24. I think the Powhatan tribe has the right to be mad. They said that John Smith was 17 and so was Pocahontas But Pocahontas was 11 when he was 25. Also they said that Pocahontas saved his life but she didn't!
    MichaelA P.10/11B

  25. I think that the Powhatan had the rights to be angry with Hollywood. the reason for this is because Hollywood was changing Pocahontas look totally defrent then she really looked.
    Jared G.

  26. No I do not think that the Powhatan tribe should be angry with the Disney movie because it is a kid movie and the real story is to violent for children.
    shane G. 5-9B

  27. Yes, I think they have a right because they made up a lot of lies about them. Especially sense they made up that Pocahontas married John Smith when the Chief of the Powhatan tribe hated him.
    Ryan B

  28. Lindsey
    Yes I think the Powhatans would be mad about the story of Pocahontas in Disney way because it's all basically made up in the Disney film and it doesn't give the real facts about the real Indians. I know I would be mad if they made a story about me that wasn't true.

  29. I don't think the Powhatan's, should be mad at the Disney character, Pocahontas, because it was made from younger kids, and it would be weird if she is an old women in the movie, because it might scare kids.
    Lucas F 5-9

  30. I would be angry to because you are teaching children not the correct information about a little 12 year old. Also the disney movie is wrong about her age, looks, and man!

    Katie G

  31. I think that the Powhatan Indian tribe should get angry because the Disney film got everything about the most famous person in there tribe ever

    Matt D

  32. I wouldn't be that mad. I mean in the movie she is pretty and not dis formed. If I were her I would be flattered that they made me look so good.

    Madeline S

  33. They shouldn't be mad at all. The Disney producers knew about there tribe and all, but they probably didn't know every single detail. Also if they havent noticed all of the disney movies are One fake most of them and all of the girls are pretty. Second these movies are meant for kids what little kid wants to see a little kid dating a old man and she was hairy and not pretty? So over all not that mean and to Pocahontas if she looks at it this way its just a big compliment.
    Sydney Ploe 5-9Aday

  34. if i were pocahontas i would be mad because they told the people the oppisite of what happen with pocahontas like the look she was bald and she did not mary john smith
    ryan rhatigam

  35. I think Pocahontas should be made at Hollywood for the film.It does not look even close to what she actually looks like. The should make it more realistic. Patrick G

  36. I think that the powahatan tribe have reasons to be mad and some reasons and some reasons to just not care about the disney movie. some of the things that happened just wouldnt be appropriate for some children. and then there are some things, like pocahontas`s age that they might have a reason to be mad at. if you are going to change the story becuase of some parts, you dont have to change things that make the whole entire story different. so the powahatan have reasons to be mad, and also reasons to not be mad.

    Megan C
    Per- 5-9B

  37. I don't think that Powahatan should be angry at a disney movie because disney movies are not supposed to show kids what really happened in the the powahatan tribe. Also, if disney did put the real information that happened back then, then the parents wouldn't really like it because it would probably have graphics that parents wouldn't want kids to see. Finally, everyone knows the movie is fake so Powhatan has no right to get angry at a little kids movie.

    Richard C Period 10/11 day B

  38. I do not think that the Powhatan tribe should be mad at Disney becaus I know that Disney lied and all but it is for little kids to watch. A lot of kids might of thought that everything they said was true but I guess that it is up to the teachers to fix that! The Powhatan tribe should realize that it is only Disney trying to make everything more entertaining for children to watch!
    Emily A Per.5-9

    1. I do not think that the tribe should be mad at Disney because the movie has turned the real story into someting its not,and not telling the true story. For exsmaple it does not show the real looks of pocahantas but the movie shows her with long brown beautiful hair whitch she dosent have. In addition she was not in love with John Smith she was realy in love with with someone she meet when she was a prinsoner.

  39. I feel that Powahantan's tribe should not be mad, because her tribe and herself are so much better looking in the movie, although they told lies, they did not want to scare the chilren. This was a good desicion to not scare the children, because they wanted a new movie to come out in Disney talking about history, but still getting many views.The people who made the disney movie did not mean to scare the chilren. They just wanted a good movie for some kids to watch and enjoy. Even if the movie wasnt true the kids will still know the facts later on in middle school.

    Kierstin J
    Period 5-9B

  40. I think that the Powahantan's tribe should not be mad because they make the powahantans and Pocahontas made up to be better than they actually are in real life.She might have been bald or had rotten teeth,this would probablly upset alot of people or make them disgusted.although she is'nt old in real life,she marrys The wrong John, rather than John Rolfe,and how she died.They put her to be a gorgeous women and she doesen't die in the movie.I think that they wanted a family friendly film and that they would probablly learn it later on in there life when they are mature enough.

    Christian K
    peroid 5-9A

  41. i think she should be mad at Disney, because they changed every thing about her. she didn't have hair, and she didn't marry john smith.

    Tyreese Brown
    period 3/4

  42. I think that Powatans have a good reason to be mad at Disney.The Disney version was entertaining but it was fake.The Powatans tribe never did look like that it was impossible, withput toothpaste her teeth fell out.Also Pocahontas wasent about 17 she was around 12 years old.! It made the Tribe look totally diffrent then how the truth was, before learning about it in school i thought it was true but after social studies i learned it was fake.

    Nicole P 3/4B

  43. I think the Powatans have every right to be mad at disney becuase disney changed the truth like her hair and her teeth. but that to me doesn't matter what matters is the historical part. Who she married, she married John White in the movie but married john Ralfe in real life.


  44. Most people would agree, that it is important to know your country's history and to know how your country became what it is today. Children will grow up knowing the Disney film and when they here Pocahontas in school, they will think of the film. This is ruining children's education on history. If I were the Powatans, I would be mad too. So, I believe the Powatans have every right to be mad at Disney.

    Melissa M. Period 5-9A

  45. I think the Powatans should be mad at Disney. Disney changed Pocahontas into a completely different person then she really was. Disney changed the whole story of what really happened in history. I think Disney should have made the movie based on what truly happened instead of making kids think something else happened. For example, in the movie they even changed who she married. In real life Pocahontas married John Rolfe but in the movie she married John White.

    Jess Emme 3/4A

  46. The Powhatans have a right to be angry with Disney. Disney made the story of Pocahontas completely different than it was. They should have made the movie historically correct. For instance, Pocahontas met John Smith when she was just a girl, not a tennager. Also, she didn't fall in love with John Smith, she ended up marrying John Rolfe. Disney could have made the movie enjoyable for kids without changing the story.
    Mackenzie Finley 10-11 A

  47. I believe that the Powhatans should be EXTREMELY peeved about the movie Pocahontas. First, the movie was totally incorrect. Pocahontas never sang or looked so beautiful as they had her appear. Second, they won't like their kids learning the wrong information! Lastly, couldn't they just change the movie to the correct historical facts? I believe that I'd be peeved too if I was a Powhatan.