Monday, November 26, 2012

The Early English Colonies

If you had to have lived in one of the early English settlements, which one would you pick; Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, or Massachusetts Bay?  Give at least three reasons for your answer! (Post using first name, last initial, and period ONLY!!)


  1. I would prefer to go and travel to Plymouth colony in Massachussets. Why would I choose a specific destination? it is because of the treaty they had with the Wampanoag indians. Even it was sucessful to survive for numerous years. It still lives today were it should be.

  2. After learning about each colony and what they each did right and wrong i would choose Plymouth. I would choose this colony because it has many great thing about it! some being that they were friends with the Indians. That would take alot of worrying about them attacking and they will help get food.
    Nicole P
    Rachel J 3/4B
    Emily P

  3. I would have chosen Plymouth because It was the most peaceful. Everybody at Roanoke died, in Jamestown, in Jamestown if you didn't work you didn't get food and in the Massachusetts bay colony the puritans founded it and they were very sctrict. Plymouth is the most peaceful.
    Shane G

  4. I would have chosen Plymouth. They had the friendliest relationship with the natives. Roanoke disappeared and Jamestown you had to work to eat. Massachusetts bay was very religious and most people were tortured for believing in a different religion. Plymouth was the best choice.

    Gabby N. P10B

  5. I would pick Plymouth because Plymouth has friendly Native Americans that would teach you how to survive and how to plant crops. Also,the Native Americans wouldn't attack the settlers because they were so nice and peaceful. Finally,who would want to pick Roanoke when Roanoke was disappeared by a serve storm or the mean Native Americans, and who would want to pick Jamestown if you would just get killed by some Indians or from starving to death witch was known as the Starving Times.

    Daniel C. and
    Richard C.
    Period 10/11 Day B

  6. I would go to the Massachusetts bay because well the settlers are men, boys, women, and girls. so i would be aloud to come. also they moved for religious freedom. back then i would love religious freedom. lastly they had a really good relationship with the natives. i would rather have a good relationship then a bad one. By: Nicholas Michael Donato. period 10/11 B

  7. I would have picked the Massachusetts Bay Colony because they had a good relationship with the Wampanoag tribe, so they wouldn't kill us. They also brought kids and women, so my whole family and I could go. The last reason is that they came to practice their religion in peace, so if we are all the same religion, there will be less fighting.
    Melissa C. Period 10/11 B

  8. I would choose Plymouth because they had a very good relationship with the Indians there so we wouldn't get slaughtered in our sleep. I would also choose Plymouth because they had good crops and the first Thanksgiving! (How cool would it be to make history!) Since Plymouth had a good relationship with the Indians, there would be less wars and more celebrations.
    Jessica T Period 5-9 A :)

  9. i would have chosen Plymouth because it is closer to the water so you can fish also they had a good relationship with all indian tribes in the area

    Ryan s

  10. I would pick to go live in the Massachusetts Bay colony. They brought men, women, children and skilled workers. It was also organised. They were all Puritans so they had the same religion so there was less fighting. They wanted it to be a "pure" version of the Church Of England. They had a good friendship with the natives. They celebrated the very first Thanksgiving. It sounded like a good place to live.
    Kathleen C. Period 5-9A

  11. I would chose to go to Plymouth because they had a treaty with the indians and I could also go fishing. It is important to have a good relationship with tribes so you dont get attaked.

    Brad Heuer period 5/9
    a day

  12. I would choose to go to Plymouth since they had a great relationship with the Indians. Also how they weren't snooty upper class people. The last reason i would go to Plymouth is because they dont have harsh punishments.

    Lilly S.
    Period 10/11 A

  13. I believe that I would want to go to Plymouth. I would want to go to Plymouth because the other settlements went through hard times. For example Roanoke was a mystery what happened to them. Jamestown went through the starving time. Another example is that Everyone in Plymouth had a trade and was a working man. Also They had a good realeshinship with the Natives
    Matt D
    Day B period 10/11

  14. I would choose Plymouth to live in if I had to live in one of the early English settlements. I would choose to live in Plymouth because Plymouth remained uneventful with things like harsh punishments to its residents. Also wars with the Indians didn't appear until around 25 years after people settled there. Finally I would live in Plymouth because of its variety of religion types. This is why I would choose Plymouth to live in much more then any other English settlement.

    Jake Z.
    Period: 10-11 A day

  15. If I had to choose one of the four settlements to live in I would choose to live in Plymouth and be a Separitist. I would choose this path because being a female I know that there wasn't as much pressure to be a good wife as there was in Massachusetts Bay Colony. The settlement of Plymouth also had an acceptional relationship with the near by natives. Therefore, it was one less stress among the colony. Plymouth also had colonists who were hard workers. They didn't have everything handed to them and they knew that they ahd to work for their success. In this settlement the women also didn't have to worry about being accused of witchcraft. I didn't find Plymouth to be the MOST successful colony, but I did find them to accomplish what was necessary and live a suitable way of life.

    Jenna G 10/11 A

  16. If I had to choose to live at one of the four colonies, I would choose to live in Plymouth. I would choose Plymouth because they had a very good and civil relationship with the natives, unlike most of the other colonies. Another reason why I would choose Plymouth is, they worked for what they got so it was fair to all the people. Last, although Plymouth wasn't the most successful colony they did pretty good and had what they needed.

    Jess Emme 3/4A

  17. I would want to live in the Massachusets Bay colony. The colonist were very serious about their religon and were very wise. The Puritans were really wealthy . They did not have many problems going around Massachusetts Bay except for the Salem Witch Trials but besides that it would be a good place to live.

    Sean Nelson 5-9A

  18. If I lived during that time, I would pick Plymouth. I would choose Plymouth because It was a good settling place. They had good soil, and the Indians also helped them. I was near the water, so if they ever needed fish, they could just go into their front yard or backyard. They didn't really have a lot of intruders or natives. This is why I would Choose Plymouth, Massachusetts.

    Lucas Feola 5-9A

  19. I would live in Plymouth because in the Jamestown colony they had a lot of problems. Also, in the Roanoke colony they all died, mostly. In the Massachusetts Bay colony was where the Salem Which trials occured. So, as you can see, Plymouth was the most successful.

    Katie G and Emily A. 5/9

  20. I would've went to the colony of Roanoke. Evem though they disapeared they were a successful colony. They were friendly to the indains and they settled in good land. In the Mass. Bay colony the Salem Witch Trials occured, so I wouldn't want to be there at that time. Jamestown were lazy and they were only looking for gold. And Plymouth went for religous freedom so they would've been a good choice too.

    Emma F
    Period 10/11A

  21. Even though the Plymouth colony was most successful in the end, I would have chosen Jamestown, but I would have gone after the starving time. I would have chosen Jamestown because they were richest at the time. Also I would have no idea that they were going to be unsuccessful. They at the time were more successful then the Plymouth colony because of the Salem Witch Trials, They were richer than the Roanoke colonist. They actually had a very good reason for founding because if you think about it the Jamestown colonist would have done with what most would have done, gone for riches. Since they would have done what most would have done then they were probably more reasonable with their citizens. They also had good strong leaders that could help with many issues of the colony.

    Milena W
    Period 5/9 A

    1. I would want to go to Plymouth. First reason... Religious freedom. I'd rather have religious freedom, then money. Second reason... They were the most successful. Would you want to go to Roanoke, and die? Or go to Plymouth and survive. My third reason will be... Resources. They have a lot of great wood there, or even stone. So I'd rather go to Plymouth, then any other colony.

      Patrick B.
      Period 3/4 B

  22. If I would go to one of those colonies, it would probably be Plymouth. This is because they were a successful settlement. Also they had a good relationship with the indians. Lastly, They have a big feast for 3 days strait.
    By Ty B. and Rachel J. Period 3-4 B

  23. If we could choose a colony to live in we would choose Massachussetts Bay because it would be by a bay. This would be a good desicion because we would have a source of water and we could grow crops so we would have fodd in addition to water.
    Joel .V Jared .G
    Period 2-3 B

  24. If i had to choose a colony to live in i would choose plymouth. I would choose Plymouth because they had a friendly indian tribe. if they did not have a friendly indian tribe then the colony could be taken over like Roanoke
    Aidan M
    A 5-9

  25. i would choose Roanoke. i would choose this because the settlers may have not died. they could have went with the Croatan Indians. The tree said C.R.O. but you never know what happened to them. Also i would choose Roanoke because it was like on a beach. I think Roanoke would be the best.
    True G p3/4a

  26. If I had to choose between those settlements, I'd choose to live in Plymouth. On reason is that the Indians were very helpful to the Separatists. Also, unlike Roanoke, there wasn't a mysterious disappearance mystery so I wouldn't need to worry about any odd occurrence. Third and finally, it was a great place to plant crops (with extra thanks to the Indians showing the Pilgrims how to plant the crops.) In my opinion, Plymouth would be a wonderful settlement for me to enroll in.
    Kate Bruncati
    Period: 10-11 A

  27. If I could choose between which settlement to live in, it would be Plymouth because they had good land, a good relationship with the natives,and their laws weren't as strict as the other colonies.

    Isabella Adelhoch 3-4 A

  28. In my opinion, I think that Plymouth is the best settlement to live in. I think this because the Indians are very nice there. If you make good friends with the Indians you would probably live good. Life will be easier and the Indians would help you with making shelter. They will probably never attack you, unless you make them mad. That is why I think that Plymouth was the best settlement to live with.

    Brandon Sansone
    Period 5-9 (B)

  29. In my opinion, I think that Plymouth is the best settlement to live in. I think this because the Indians are very nice there. Life will be easier and the Indians would help you with making shelter.That is why I think that Plymouth was the best settlement to live with.

    Jacob Anderson
    Period 5-9 B