Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ancient China - 6th Grade

Which contribution of China do you think is the most important?
Use examples from both Ancient Chinese times and modern times to support your answer.

Use QUASI format to answer this question and remember to put in your first name and period somewhere in the response!


  1. I think thats the crop rotation is the most important contribution to china because it helped them with famring so they could eat
    BY Lizzy Period 10/11 A

  2. I think the crop rotation was the most important because after the corn or something were done growing the soil was good for other plant
    Lilly Period 4-7B

  3. I think education is important because there is people that need to know stuff in the world and there are people that dont like learning but everyone needs to learn stuff
    vanessa period 4-7 B

  4. I think the most important contribution in Ancient China was the Silk Road. Without the Silk Road they would be able to trade in Europe. (And we would not gat any of the silk either.) Without the Silk Road they would not have been able to obtain all the great things they traded for the silk.
    BY Madeline S. 4/7 B

  5. We think that the writing system was the most important contribution to China. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to write things down when needed to. Also, we wouldn’t have written records without writing.
    By Breanna and Jackie Period 10/11 A

  6. I think China's most important contribution is the river because it gave them fresh soil and water.
    Ty period 10-11 A