Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Visit to an Ancient Civilization! 6th Grade

If you could go back in time and visit ONE of the ancient civilizations we have learned about so far (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, or Persia) which one would you pick?  Give at least 3 reasons for your choice!  Feel free to agree/disagree with your fellow 6th graders!


  1. If I could go back in time and visit one of the civilizations, I would choose Persia. This is because Persia conquered many civilizations. I would not be in much danger and be in a powering civilization. I could live in any close civilization that Persia conquered. In my opinion, Persia is the best ancient civilization to live in. Ty Period 10-11 A

  2. If I could go back in time, I would go to ancient Egypt. I would like to live there because the wheel was invented there. It helped them when they if they wanted to bring crops to the town and other people. It helped them bring things that they could not bring by them self’s. they had the Nile river and it helped them with crops.

    And Jessica
    Period 10-11 A

  3. Cameron Period 10-11 A
    If I could go back in time to one of the ancient civilizations we learned about, I would pick Persia. If I lived in Persia, I would be protected by the most powerful army of that time. Also, if i had to join the army,the immortals were very powerful, so i would have a slim chance of dying in battle. Finally, the Persians treated their people with much fairness. I wonder how Persia would be now if they didn't fall to the Greeks.

  4. If i could go back in time and visit one of the ancient civilizations i would go to Egypt my first reason is, because they have more stricter laws than u.s.a today. Its better to have stricter laws so the community is better. Egypt is were i would have gone to if i went back in time.

    Kierstin Jenkins period 10/11 A day

  5. If we would go anywhere back in time we would go to Egypt. We would go there, because it had a good empire and there where a lot of classes. They also invented so many things we used now, and we would want to see them invented the things we used now. We are also would want to go there, because we would want to see how they lived. So that is where we would go and why. By George and Cady period 10-11B

  6. Nikita and Jessica im afraid that i must disagree. Egypt did have the wheel, but Persia had that and more. The river also could have destroyed different crops.

  7. Actually, it was the Mesopotamians who invented the wheel! So far, it looks like Persia and Egypt would be the most popular spots. Does anyone disagree? Try to think back to all of these civilizations great accomplishments because we will be "borrowing" them next week for our PBL's! I see a definite improvement in your blog posts over the past few weeks. Great job!

    Mrs. Morales