Monday, November 14, 2011

Ancient India - 6th Grade

Use QUASI to answer the following question:

Using page 86 from your textbook, which theory do you think is the best explanation for why the Harappan civilization declined and eventually ended?

(Don't forget your first name and period in the response!)


  1. I think this is the best-quoted explanation is this:
    “The Harrappans may have used up their natural resources.”

    This is what I believe because any kind of community, providence, or place will at some time period have difficulties and they could be permanent. Referring to Haiti, even though the Harappan society may have not crumbled from a natural disaster, Haiti today is still in trouble so what I mean by this is that not every body recovers from certain political or economical plummets. Back to the resources, the Harrappans could have gone bankrupt or didn’t have any for or just about any kind of loss of a resource can result in the fate they were left in! That is my thought on how the Harrappans may have “disappeared.”

  2. Kevin McCarthy and Frankie Marrone Period 4-7 B
    I believe that the theory where they were attacked was the best explanation of why the Harappans civilization declined. I believe this because they most likely knew not to farm the same land repeatedly as other civilizations had. I wonder if our prediction is correct and if not what was the cause of this sudden decline?

  3. Who did the first response? We need a name and period somewhere in there please?

    Also, we have never discussed Haiti, we are talking about India!

  4. I think what comment one was doing was making a text to world connection! Is your connection referring to how difficult it is for a civilization to get over the devastation of a natural disaster? Haitians and possibly Harappans were hit hard by mother nature and that may have been cause of decline. These connections are important to make on the NJASK. Make sure you fully explain your connection because it's a good one! :)

  5. Scott 10-11

    I think the best explanation fo the decline of the Harrapan civilization is that they were invaded by Aryans. This could be true because I believe the Harappans would have been smart enough to realize that their cities would keep getting ruined by th floods for as long as they lived there. They would have moved away from the rivers. The Aryans then came and defeated the Harappans and conquered and settled in India. I think the Harappans were a very smart civilization but they couldn't even figure out that the river would keep destroying their cities.